Break the Ice

  • Released: January 1 1994
  • Format: R&B
  • Label: Rounder Records
  • Produced by: Ron Levy

Review by Steve Kurutz

Memphis guitarist Preston Shannon’s debut as a bandleader, Break the Ice is a showcase not only for the singer/guitarist’s considerable talents, but for his influences as well. Heavily influenced by the Kings, Albert and B.B., Shannon puts down a blazing version of the former’s “Crosscut Saw,” as well as covering two songs by Jimmy McCracklin (the songwriter who gave B.B. “The Thrill Is Gone”).

Truly one of the strongest talents on the modern day Memphis blues scene, Shannon and his band do much to transcend their influences and add an original sound on the 12 songs collected here.

   Track Listings
  x   x   x
Samples Title / Composer Performer Time
  x  x  x   x
      1. BTI-1-Trouble
1 Trouble  
Niko Lyras / Joe Mulherin
 x x   x   x   x   x
      2. BTI-2-Break the Ice
2 Break the Ice
Niko Lyras / Joe Mulherin
  x   x   x   x   x
      3. BTI-3-Youre the One
3 You’re the One
Robert Geddins / Jimmy McCracklin
  x   x   x   x   x
      4. BTI-4-Has Your Woman Ever Loved You
4 Has Your Woman Ever Loved You So Good
  x   x   x   x   x
      5. BTI-5-I Got Everything I Need
5 I Got Everything I Need
Steve Cropper / Eddie Floyd / Alvertis Isbell
  x   x   x   x   x
      6. BTI-6-Beale Street Boogaloo
6 Beale Street Boogaloo
Preston Shannon
  x   x   x  x   x
      7. BTI-7-Put a Dollar in Your Pocket
7 Put a Dollar in Your Pocket
Oscar Perry
  x   x   x  x   x
      8. BTI-8-Forty Days and Forty Nights
8 Forty Days and Forty Nights
Bernard Roth
  x   x   x  x   x
      9. BTI-9-Looking For a Love
9 Looking for a Love
James Alexander / Zelda Samuels
  x   x   x  x   x
      10. BTI-10-I Got Somebody
10 I Got Somebody
Jimmy McCracklin 
  x   x   x  x   x
      11. BTI-11-Crosscut Saw
11 Crosscut Saw
R.G. Ford 
  x  x   x  x   x
      12. BTI-12-Youre Gonna Miss Me When Im Gone
12 You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone 3:10
  x  x   x  x   x