All in Time

  • Released: February 2, 1999
  • Format: R&B
  • Label: Bullseye Blues Records
  • Produced by: Willie Mitchell

Review by Cub Koda

Memphis-based Beale Street regular Preston Shannon lays down a compelling blend of blues and soul on this outing. Recorded in Memphis and produced by Willie Mitchell, Shannon is backed by a crack staff of Memphis all-star session players, with bassist Leroy Hodges and songwriter session ace Thomas Bingham contributing mightily to the proceedings.

Shannon has a rep as a people-pleasing live performer, so it’s no surprise to hear him put his own spin to a club favorite like Prince’s “Purple Rain,” leaving the guitar pyrotechnics of the original on the back burner, investigating instead the soulful content of the song in a fine, stripped-down version.

There are solid blues on board, too, in “Jail of Love” and “Welfare Woman.” But he can lay down the soul groove on a tune like “That’s the Way I Feel About Cha” and “Just Between Me and My Woman” with equal ability. In addition to his stellar and very soulful vocal chops, Shannon also delivers some fine B.B. King-approved stinging guitar fills throughout, particularly effectively on the closing instrumental, “Cold Beer Good Time.”

In another era, this album could have come out on Stax, and could stand nicely against Albert King albums of that time frame. As it is in the here and now, All In Time stands instead as a fine modern-day soul-blues album with a vintage pedigree a mile long.

   Track Listings
  x  x  x  x
 Samples Title / Composer Performer   Time
  x  x  x  x
      1. AIT-1-Just Between Me and My Woman
1 Just Between Me and My Woman
Willie Mitchell
  x x   x x   x x   x x
      2. AIT-2-Tired of the Ghetto Bringing Me Down
2 Tired of the Ghetto Bringing Me Down 
Thomas Bingham
  x   x   x   x
      3. AIT-3-Are You In The Mood
3 Are You in the Mood? 
Willie Mitchell
  x   x   x   x
      4. AIT-4-Jail of Love
4 Jail of Love
Thomas Bingham
  x   x   x   x
      5. AIT-5-Thats the Way I Feel About Cha
5 That’s the Way I Feel About ‘Cha
Jimmy Grisby / John Grisby / Joe Hicks / Bobby Womack
  x   x   x  x
      6. AIT-6-Wrapped Up Tied Up
6 Wrapped Up Tied Up 
Al Gamble / Preston Shannon / F. Williams
  x   x   x  x
      7. AIT-7-Welfare Woman
7 Welfare Woman
Thomas Bingham
  x   x   x   x
      8. AIT-8-Your Good Thang Just Broke Bad
8 Your Good Thang Just Broke Bad
Thomas Bingham
  x   x   x  x
      9. AIT-9-Be With Me Tonight
9 Be with Me Tonight 
Thomas Bingham / Preston Shannon
  x   x   x  x
      10. AIT-10-Purple Rain
10 Purple Rain
  x   x   x   x
      11. AIT-11-Cold Beer Good Time
11 Cold Beer Good Time
Thomas Bingham
 x  x   x   x